Answers to the most common questions

Q. How many tables and chairs come with the venue?

A. We have white tables and chairs to seat 250 people in addition we have 4 farm tables, bar height tables and several tables on the Mezzanine.

Q. What are the sizes of your tables and how many do you have?

A. We have 30 (60 inch) rounds, 8 (8 foot) rectangles, 2 (8 foot) wood farm tables, 2 (16 foot) wood farm tables, 4 wood bar height tables (42 inches tall, 36 inches around).

Q. Can we bring our own caterer or do we have to use one from your preferred list?

A. You can use any caterer you would like, we provide you with a preferred vendor list (vendors we like and think do a good job) but you are not required to use them and there is no fee should you choose one not on our list.

Q. Can you bring your own alcohol?

A. Not for the reception, you are required to purchase from one of our drink packages. You are however, permitted to brink alcohol prior to the reception, and if you have chosen the weekend package then you can bring in your own alcohol for the days that you are here (minus the reception).

Q. Am I responsible for bringing cups and ice?

A. We provide them for the reception, but you will need to bring them for use before the reception.

Q. With your bar pricing do you have to pay for adults that don’t drink alcohol?

A. Yes, the bar package is set by age despite if they drink alcohol or not.

Q. Are you pet friendly?

A. Within reason and depends on the pet, we are open to discussion.

Q. Are any of the bedrooms on the Estate included in the venue price?

A. Yes, the four bedrooms in the venue are included.

Q. Is there an extra fee for use of the yard games, kitchen or decorative items?

A. No, there is no additional fee for use of these items.

Q. Do you supply linens?

A. We supply basic linens for weekend packages only.

Q. Do you hang draping and other decorative items?

A. No we do not but you are allowed to or you may hire that out.

Q. How do we hang decorative items?

A. We prefer you use hammer and nail, staple gun etc on the wood (no sticky stuff, unless it is a command hook). Do not hang anything on the dry-walled areas.

Q. Do you have WIFI?

A. Yes and it is free.

Q. Do you have cable or satellite TV?

A. No, but you can bring a laptop and stream to the TVs.

Q. Are you climate controlled?

A. Yes we have geothermal heat and air for the main space and mini splits in the bedrooms/bathrooms.

Q. Do you have a separate charge for receptions and ceremonies?

A. No, the rate is the same whether you do just the reception or both ceremony and reception.

Q. Do you have an outdoor space for ceremonies?

A. Yes, we have several. We have an open-air chapel and a covered dock, you can choose anywhere on the 160 acers for your service.

Q. Do you require flameless candles?

A. No, we do not, you can use real candles with open flame.

Q. What is the rule about flower girls throwing rose petals?

A. We prefer you use items that are biodegradable if doing an outdoor service. If you use material that is not biodegradable outside, you are responsible for picking those up afterword’s.

Q. How long do we get the space?

A. Weekend rentals can check in at 9am on Friday and check out on Sunday 4pm. Single day rentals check in at 11am the day of the event and check out the following morning by 9am.

Q. When does the DJ or Band need to be done?

A. By 11pm.

Q. Do you supply towels?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have a handicap accessible bedroom and bathroom?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have a baby changing table?

A. Yes, it is in bathroom in the kids’ room.

Q. Do you have real plates and silverware?

A. Yes, we have enough white plates and silverware for 150 people, but we do not have a dishwasher. You would be responsible for making sure the dishes get washed and put away. We can help solicit someone to provide that service at an additional fee.

Q. Do you require insurance?

A. No, but we strongly suggest it.

Q. Do you require security?

A. That is negotiable.

Q. Do you have plenty of parking?

A. We have gravel parking and overflow can park in the grass/field.

Q. Does Tonganoxie have hotels?

A. No, but several people in town have Air B&Bs. We have 4 bedrooms included with the venue and you can optionally rent our farmhouse. Hotels at The Legends would be the closest (20-minute drive on 24/40)

Q. Do you provide shuttle service?

A. No, we do not but for an extra fee we can assist with arranging that.

Q. Are we responsible for setting up tables and chairs?

A. Yes, if you book it for Saturday or Sunday. If you do the weekend package or during the week, we have staff here that can help with set up.

Q. What all is involved in clean up?

A. Sweeping, dumping the trash, wiping down the kitchen and removal of all the items you bring in.

Q. Can we do a sparkler exit?

A. Yes

Q. Can we have fireworks?

A. Possibly, we are open to discussing this as an option.